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The Louis XVI. style was a return to classical principles. While Louis XV. was all curves, Louis XVI. was characterized by straight lines and simplicity n construction and is easily distinguished from the former for that reason.

To the refined taste of Queen Marie Antoinette is given a great deal of credit for the existence of this style. It was also greatly influenced by the discoveries of antique classic ornament at Herculaneum and Pompeii. The straight leg was nearly always used—turned, tapered, fluted or twisted. Gilding, carv ing, marquetrie, Vernis Martin, ormolu mounts were all used in decorations, but in a refined artistic manner.

Characteristic features are: The fluted column, oak and laurel leaf, wreaths, the Greek band and other classical emblems.


Louis XVI. Table.


Louis XVI. Table.

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Louis Furniture StylesFurniture Period Styles Pictures
Loirs XVI. Bed.
Furniture Period Styles Pictures
Univ Calif - Levis XVI. Sofa. ' MÍ
Louis Seize Furniture

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