Louis Quinze Xv

Louis XV. was distinctly a rococo style—straight lines were avoided whenever possible. The barocco type of ornament of the Louis XIV. style was a heavier and well-lalanced type, while the rococo ran in all directions, regardless of structural features. It was a succession of broken curves, shell ornament, wreaths, flowers, etc., etc., designed for an age of frivolousness, licentiousness and excessive luxury. Ornamentation was carried to the extreme in fantast-c combinations—a style principally suited to the boudoir or parlor. An important feature of the period was the use of lacquer, known as Vernis Martin, the name of the inventor. Gilt carvings, marquetrie, painting and ormolu mounts covered everything—plain surfaces were avoided whenever possible. From the point of line workmanship, furniture of this period has never been surpassed.

Characteristic features are: The cabriole leg, extreme rococo, curled endive leaf, shell and twisted scroll ornament.

Louis Furniture
Louis XV. Burtau.

Urtiv Caiif -

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