Louis Quatorze

The Louis XIV. marked the end of the Renaissance period in France and the beginning of a series of distinct period furniture styles.

The Renaissance style had gradually undergone changes until under the patronage of Louis XIV. ;t developed into what was probably the most magnificent of the French period styles. It was an age of courtly splendor and grandeur; of rich, massive furniture, well suited to the palace and salon and where it is used today for large, richly furnished rooms.

One of the notable features was the work of Andre Charles Boule. He was the King's cabinet-maker and was one of the greatest of the ebinestes (workers in ebony), inlaying this wood with tortoise shell, brass and other metals until the whole resembled a brilliant mosaic. He further decorated his work with chiseled mounts of ormolu and bronze, carved and gilt ornaments.

Marble and granite were used for table and console tops, and fine tapestries for upholstering; all combining to create a style in jterfect harmony with the pomp and glittering splendor of the age.

Characteristic features of the style: Well balanced liarocco ornament, cupids, shell, mask, satire, ramshesd and the acanthus leaf.

Louis Quatorze Chairs
Louis XIV. Boule Cabintt

Louid XIV. Marriage Coffer and Cabiret, by Andre Charles Boule.

Dcsi'jm ot T uis XIV. Mantil ar.d Wall DMorationa.

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