Early English Renaissance Tudor

The early Renaissance in England was a mixture of classic and Gothic detail crudely drawn and developed into what is known as the Tudor style under the first four Sovereigns of the House of Tudor, but. more especially Henry VIII. He gave encouragement to the revival and brought Italian artists and artisans to England, who left work that had its influence on the English designer. As in the Gothic days, furniture still closely followed architecture and was st'll hea\y, cumbersome and uncomfortable. The tire-place was the most elaborate piece of work ;n the house during all of the early English Renaissance periods.

Characteristics are: A mingling of Italian and Gothic detail, heavy turnings, the Tudor rose and other types of round carved panels.

Elizabethan Gaming Table
Tudor Oat Game Table, about 153S.
Mary Tudor Chair

of Mary Tudor with Philip.

t , . c... i ,v.„»,r„ T>, .. . /•.,„, j T-id" (»alt Chair in Winchester Cathcdrsl.

T^or Stocl. sb^Jn^Round Tarttd n„ fr >ceasion el the rarriaee

of Mary Tudor with Philip.

Tudor Rose FurnitureFurniture English Renaissance

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