Chronological Tahle 12

Egyptian 13

Babylonian-Assyrian-Indian IS

Roman 21

Byzantine 23

Islam or Moorish 25

Gothic 27

Renaissance in Ital> 33

Renaissance in France 3g r Louis Quartorze (XIV) ¿ç 45

Empire 5Q

Early English Renaissance (Tudor) 65

Elizabethan 69

Jacobean 73

Queen Anne 83

The Georgian Period 80

Chippendale gl

Heppelwhite 99

The Aditn Style 103

Victorian Era 113

Renaissance Styles in Other European Count-ies 114

Holland . 119

Spain 121

L' Art Nouveau 123

Furniture in the United States 125

Colonial Furniture 127

Colonial Style of Txday 137

Mission 143

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