Colonial Style Of Today

Probably the tnost popular type of modern Colonial today, is the one derived from the Empire style. The brass and ormolu mounts of the Empire have been discarded and the classical features retained and from this has come a distinct American period style.

Mahogany, with rir.e figured veneer, is the wood most used, but other kinds are employed, the wood having nothing to do with the style.

Characteristics: The classical column, carved or plain; the S-shaped scroll, lion's paw foot, and scroll foot.

Chrna Cabinet, Colonial Style, Scroll Support and LionVpa% Feet.




Modern Colonial Sideboard'a Crotch Mahjgatiy Veneer Scroll Supnurts and Feet.

Ciotch jlih Tifcv Colonial SideboanJ vith Carved Column;, and Lion's-paw Feet.

Colonial Time Furniture

Modern Colonial Sideboard »itli Scroll Si.iopo.t3 »ad Flirt

Sam mm udmum^^tmxag ■■ m ■■ - 1 ■ tf^iMMiiitfi^

Urtiv Calif Modern Cclonkl library Tables.
P*ain Four-po-it Bad, Colonial Style.
Scroll Bed, Colonial Style.
Four-post Bed, Pineapple Carvirps, Colonia! Sty'c.

Univ Calif

Colonial Style Arm Chair.

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