Top Railtoleg Joinery



  • v Attach the slats to the frame*. Lay the
  • middle shelf slats and the middle top slats in place on the frame, carefully spacing them out as shown in the working drawings. Measure the distance spanned by the middle slats, and from that calculate the true width of the end slats.

Hip the end slats to width, and notch the end shelf slats to fit around the legs. Lay the slats in place to check their fit. When you're satisfied that they fit properly, nail all the slats in place with galvanized finishing nails.

TKy r. i ¡5' Nailing the slats toward the middle of the cart may be difficult because the long stretchers or aprons will give with each blow of the hammer. To prevent this, hold a small anvil or heavy metal "nailing block" under the frame part.



71ns tall the dividers and remaining rails on the cart. Drill % "-diameter. M»"-deep stopped holes in the dividers, where shown in the drawings. Insert the short middle rails in their holes in the legs, then put the dividers in place. Cock the dividers to the right or left so diat you can install the long middle rail, then straighten them up again after the rails are in place. Finally, fasten the divider-and-rail assembly in place by driving screws up through the middle shelf into the dividers. (See Figure 3 )

TKY TH15J If you have trouble installing the middle rails, enlarge the holes in the divider to 13/i«"-diameter. For some reason we had trouble with one side, but not the other.

3 Secure the dividers in place with screws Drive these screws up from underneath the shelf.

3 Secure the dividers in place with screws Drive these screws up from underneath the shelf.

/ j Install the drawers. Hie long middle rail is closer to the shelf in order to allow you to install drawers in the patio cart. This is extremely simple: Just place standard-size plastic tubs between the dividers! The rails are low enough so that you can slip the tubs in and out easily, but high enough to prevent them from falling out when you roll the cart around.

TRY THi^f Drill'/«"-diameter holes in the bottoms of the tubs to prevent them from filling up with rainwater.

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