Table Front View

Cut the lap joints in the legs. 1able. v/ Mount a dado cuttcr on your table saw or radial arm saw. Adjust the height of the cutter to cut -/<" deep, halfway through a 2 x 4. Mark the lap joints, as shown on the working drawings, then cut them with the dado. Because of the width of the lap. you'll have to make several passes over the cutter to remove the waste.

Benches: Make the lap joints in the bench legs in much the same manner as you made them in the table legs. However, the bench legs are short enough that you can easily set up a stop block to automatically position the stock before you run it over the cutter. (See Figure 2.) This will save you the trouble of measuring and marking all 32 bench legs.

2 Cut the lap joints in the table legs and the bench legs with a dado cutter. Make each lap jotnt in several passes, cuttng away a little more waste with each pass,

Note: At this point in the project, it makes more sense to work on the table until you get it completely assembled, then go back and do the benches. So the next few steps pertain to the table only, and the steps following those will pertain to the benches. We won't combine instructions for both pieces in the same step again until we near the end of the project.

If you make the lap joints on your radial arm saw. cut the stock by pushing the motor and cutter away from you. If you pull it towards you. the dado cutter will tend to climb the stock.

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