Sunlovers Chaise Lounge

j^^mc people, the summer just wouldn't seem right without an outdoor chaise lounge. There's no better way to read a book or soak up the rays — or both — than lounging around on a chaise. This chaise has all the requirements to help make yours a good summer. It has wheels, so that you can easily move the piece to the sunniest spot in the yard. The back adjusts to 20, 40; or 60; so you can catch those rays just right.

It also lays Hat. so that you can roll over and take a snooze on your stomach.

ft»r additional comfort, this chaise is built to the same dimension as a standard sized 23" x 72" cushion for outdoor furniture. These cushions arc available from most mailorder department stores, such as Sears or Pauley's. Purchase the color and pattern that suits you, and lay the cushion on top of tin- slats o

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