Slattorail Joinery Detail

Drill drainage holes in the lower back rail. The groove in the lower back rail will tend to fill up with water unless you provide for drainage. Drill a Vfr" hole through the back side of the rail and into the groove between each slat, as shown in the Back Rail Drain Hole Detail. This will let the water out of the groove.

Attach the seat. Position the seat slats, I f spacing them out evenly. lack them in place temporarily with finishing nails, and check the spacing again. If you're satisfied, remove the nails one by one.

and replace them with 010 x 2" flathcad wood screws. Counterborc and countersink the screws, then cover the screw heads with wixxlcn plugs. Glue these plugs in place with waterproof glue.

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