Taper the back slats. The back slats should L/ be tapered from 3'/<" wide at the top to 2" wide at the bottom. This works out to a taper of 1Make a tapering jig to hold the wood 1 V4" off parallel to the saw-blade, as shown in Figure I. Using this jig, taper one side of all seven slats. Save the scrap from one of the cuts, and use this as a spacer to hold the slats at the proper angle in the jig when you taper the other side of the slats. ( See Figure 2.)

1/From a scrap of wood, make a tapering jig to hold the wood ffc* oft parallel to your table saw blade. Then cut the tapers in one side of all the back slats.

2 Tbrn the slats over, and cut the tapers m the other sides of the boards. Use a piece of waste from the first senes of cuts as a spacer to hold the wood at the proper angle to the blade

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