Attach one side rail to the rail/cross-

member assembly. Attach one side rail (it doesn't matter which one) to the assembly with 8d nails. The rough-cut face should be turned to the outside. Don't attach the other side rail until after you've cut and trimmed the diagonals.

If you wish, use 8d spiral decking nails to attach the side rails and stiles. These will not pull out as easily as common nails. However, you'll have to drill pilot holes for these decking nails to prevent them from splitting out the brittle cedar stock.

4 Attach the diagonals to the rail/cross-

member assembly. Miter one end of some diagonal stock. I .ay it in place on the assembly with the mitered end butting against the crossmcmber or side rail and the rough-cut face up. Mark the length, then cut the diagonal W-Vi" longer than what you need, mitcring the other end, Tack the diagonal you have just cut to the rails with 4d nails.

Repeat this process for all of the diagonals. (After you attach a few diagonals, you can remove the nails that tack the rails to the plywood scrap.) The ends of the diagonals should hang over the rails, as shown in the Construction Detail. Don't worry that the diagonals are too long or that they're uneven; they won't be after you trim them. When you've tacked all of the diagonals in place, and are sure that they are positioned properly, drive the nails home.

7f 15 ! Use a scrap of '¿"-thick lumber as a gauge to help space the diagonals evenly.

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