Nesting Tables

better place for tables to "nest" than out of doors, on your patio or deck? These three small nesting tables fit inside each other, so they won't take up much space when you don't need them all. But they come apart easily when you do.

Each of the tables can be-easily built from standard I x2,1 x4,and2x2dimension lumber. It's also quick to build; you can put together all three tables in an afternoon. To make this project as shown you'll need two I x 2s, six 1 x 4s, and three 2 x 2s, all 8' long. You only have to rip and cut the parts; miter a few boards; cut tenons in the ends of a few more; and put it all together. What could be easier?

It's a versatile project, too. You can build these tables any size you need. As shown here, the tops arc "coffee table" height and "side table" size. However, you can easily adjust the height or size to your own particular needs. Just change the length of the legs or aprons. O

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