Materials List



Ends (2) Front side Back side Bottom Top

Braces (2)



1v x 18V Piano hinge and mounting screws

#10 x 1VV Flathead wood screws (1 dozen)

Cut all the parts to size. Before you cut il the parts, consider what tools you want to store and carry in this bench. You may have to adjust the length or the width of the sides and bottom slightly to make them fit. When you cut the sides, make the back side slightly narrower than the front side to accommodate the piano hinge. Our piano hinge was Vw" thick. Yours may be slightly thicker or thinner, depending on the manufacturer.

T R Y T You can eliminate the braces if you glue up a board for the top that's wide enough to allow you to run the grain from side to side. This will give you a little more room for tools.

Cut the shapes of the ends. Lay out the f-.z=m pattern for the sides on the stock, then cut the shape with a band saw or sabre saw. To make the handles, drill 1 "-diameter holes at either end of the openings. Then cut away the waste in between the holes with a sabre saw. (See Figure 1.) Round over the edges of the handles with a router or a rasp so that they fit your hands comfortably.

1 /To make a handle opening, first drill 1' holes at either end. Then cut out the waste with a sabre saw

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