Materials List


  1. Supports (2)
  2. Legs (2)

C. Handle

  1. Top shell
  2. Middle shell
  3. Bottom Shelf

1 x 3W x 42" 1Wx3Vx16" x 5 Vi" x 16" Vx8"x 16" Vx9Vir"x 16" Vx 11" x 16"


#10 x 1V Flathead wood screws (6) »10 x 1V«" Flathead wood screws (4)


Cut all the parts to size. Cut the parts to supports can he cut from 2x4 stock, the shelves and the size shown in the Materials List. The legs and handle from 1x12 lumber.

1/To make the mortises for the handle, first dnH a series of holes. Then clean up the edges with a chisel.

If you mount your cutter on a radial arm saw. you'll find it much easier (and safer) to cut by pushing the saw away from you. If you cut with the usual motion, pulling the machine towards you, the cutter will want to "climb" the board.

TR TH/" If you don't have a drill press, you can easily cut these mortises with a hand-held router, a straight bit, and an edge guide. Mount the bit in the router, and adjust the edge guide so that the slot you cut with the bit will be centered in the face of the 2 x 4 stock. Rout each mortise in several passes, cutting V-W deeper with each pass.

Cut the joinery in the legs and supports.

Lm Enlarge the patterns for the feet, and trace them on the stock, lay out the supports. However, do not cut the shapes just yet. The joinery must be cut before you shape the parts.

Mount a dado cutter on your table saw or radial arm saw. and adjust the height to cut V*" deep. Make the dad<ks and the lap joints in the parts, taking care to cut both supports and both legs exactly the same. To cut the lap joints, you'll have to make several passes with the cutter.

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