Materials List



  1. Legs (4) 3*x3"x30"
  2. Rails (8) 1W x x 18"
  3. Side planks (16) x 4 V x 15%-
  4. Hanger blocks (8| V x 3 V x 6%"
  5. Corner blocks (4) Vx6Vx6V«f
  6. Bottom V x 11 'A" x 20'A" O. Ledgers (2) VxVxHV



x 4" Hanger bolts, washers, and nuts (8)

»10x1%* Flathead wood screws (32) 4d Galvanized nails ('A lb.) 15-gallon Planting tub

Cut the parts to size. To make one of these sizes shown in the .Materials List, with the exception of the planters, you'll need one 4\4, 12' long, two 2 x 4's, legs. Cut these 1 "-2" longer than shown. This will gives' long, and two 1 x 12's, 8' long. Cut this lumber into the you some extra stock when you turn them on the lathe.

Turn the tops of the legs. Mount the legs on a lathe and turn a shape in the top 5" of each leg. The shape shown here is just a suggestion; you can


turn (or even carve) anything you want in this stock. If you do turn the ball shape that we have suggested, don't try to turn the complete shape on the lathe. Leave some waste on top of the ball. After turning all but the top of the ball, remove the stock from the lathe and cut off the waste with a band saw or coping saw. Then sand down the top of the turning to complete the ball shape. Also, sand the flat portions of the legs.

If you don't have a lathe, cut a shape in the top of the legs with your band saw, using a "compound cutting" technique. Cut the design in one face; tape the waste back to the stock; turn it to an adjacent face and cut the same design again.


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