Legtoapron Joinery Detail

7 Paint the benches. Paint all the completed benches, taking care to apply paint in between all the spaces. Apply at least two coats.

Because of all the spaces and irregular surfaces on these benches, it will cut your painting time in half if you use a paint sprayer.

Bolt the benches together. Install eye screws in the underside of the ledgers, where shown in the 7bp View and Bench-to-BencbJoinery e Usg screw^

Detail. Each screw must be placed in exactly the same and carnage bolts position, near each end of each ledger — 1V*" in from to hokt the benches the end. centered in the board. together, as shown.

Place the benches end-to-end in whatever configura- toteZ^ce'wth*3

tion you want. Insert a carriage bolt through the adjoining ^ nu^sottuti the eye screws, as shown in Figure 6. Secure each bolt in place nuts wontloosen up with a stop nut. This will keep the nuts from loosening up. over tune.

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