« Ai tach the ledger strips to the inside face of the place, nail the top planks to the table assemblies, side aprons with screws. Position these strips V<" below o

Assemble the legs and aprons. The

V / aprons are assembled like picture frames. To hold them together at the corners, drive finishing nails in from both sides. (See Figure 2.) Take care that the nails arc-positioned so they won't hit one another.

Attach the legs to the assembled aprons by driving the screws in from both sides, just as you did with the finishing nails. ( See Figure 3.) This arrangement of the g/Nail the mitered nails and screws will reinforce each corner joint from all aprons together from possible directions. both directions

Co V MAlL-b

3/Screw the tenons to the aprons from the inside, so the screws donl show.

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