the wheels with a band saw or sabre saw, and drill 1 " diameter holes through their centers. Insert the uncut axle stock through the axle holes in the short legs. Place 1" washers on either end of the axle, then the wheels, then another set of washers. (These washers prevent the wooden wheels from rubbing against the pegs and legs.)

Mark the outside edge of the outside washers, on either end of the axle. Measure 1" out from these marks to mark the length of the axle. Disassemble the washers, wheels, and axle from the eart, and cut it to length. Drill the ends for V-diameter pegs that secure the wheels. (These peg holes should be Vu" beyond the marks for the outside edge of the washers. This will give the wheels a little play on the axles, but not too much.)






Apply a little paste wax to the inside of the holes in the wheels to help them turn smoothly. Then reassemble the axle, wheels, and washers. Glue the pegs in their holes with waterpr(x»f glue to keep the wheels on the axle.

< > I Sand and finish the cart. Sand the » V/ completed eart, rounding any hard edges. Pay particular attention to the work surface and the handle — you want both of these to be as sm<x>th as possible.

Finish the cart with spar varnish or a 1:1 mixture of spar varnish and tung oil. This will prevent spilt drinks and grease from discoloring the wood.

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Woodworking Tools and Installation Tips

Woodworking Tools and Installation Tips

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