Childrens Picnic Table and Benches

indoors or outdoors, kids need their own space

  • a space where they can accomplish things, where the world isn't too big for them to handle, where everything is kid-size. The table and benches that you see here help to create just such a space out of doors
  • on your deck or in your backyard. The benches arc just the right height for children from three years old on up to seven or eight. And the table provides plenty of room for kids to spread out their toys without being too big.

The construction is simple, but strong — tough enough to take the sort of punishment that kids dish out. The legs and stretchers are joined by interlocking lap joints. The seat and tabletop planks serve double-duty as diagonal braces that reinforce the frame. If you make them from good-quality woods, you'll find the table and benches are sturdy-enough to last through several childhoods.


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