Adirondack Cham

Cut all the parts to size. This is an inexpen-B sivc project to build. To make one chair, you'll need one 2 x 4 x 12', one 2 x 6 x 8'. and two 1 x 12 x 8's. Rip and cut the stock to the sizes shown in the Materials list.

except for the back slats. Cut these parts W-W under than shown. This will give you some cutting room when it comes time to taper the slats.

Cut the shapes of the parts. Miter !■ the ends of the back braces and the back legs, as shown on the working drawing. The back braces are cut at 55" and the back legs at 30^

Enlarge the patterns for the arms, arm supports, and back legs. Trace these patterns on the stock. Also, scribe the arcs for the upper back support, lower back support, and back seat slat.

Once you've traced and scribed all the cutlincs, cut out the shapes of the parts with a band saw or sabre saw. Sand away the saw marks.

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