An Introduction to Outdoor Furniture

I f you've ever made a picnic table or a planter, you know that the art of making outdoor furniture is unique, different from any other type of woodworking. The methods and tec hniques are a careful blend of cabinetry and carpentry a finished outdoor furniture project looks like a piece of furniture, but it's built like a house. The reason for this, of course, is the weather Out of doors, your project has to survive extreme changes in temperature and humidity. When building outdoor furniture,...

Table Pivot Joint Detail

Nail the slats to the table aprons where you've marked them. Use 4d galvanized finishing nails, or special aluminum or stainless steel nails from a marine supplier. Apply a finish to the table. Finish sand any parts that may still need sanding, then apply a finish to match the chair. Once again, if you've built this project from domestic hardwoods, be sure to seal the grain.