Preparing the lattice strips

The dadoes for the half-laps joining the lattice strips together can be cut one after another on the table saw using a dado head and a simple jig made from an extension board clamped to the miter gauge. Feed the extension into the blades to cut a dado, then slide the extension along the miter gauge so the space between the dado and the blades equals 4 inches. Screw the extension to the gauge and cut a second dado. Then, insert a tight-fitting wooden key in the first dado so it projects at least 2 inches from the extension. For each lattice strip, butt the edge of the board against the key and hold an edge flush against the extension. Feed the strip into the blades to cut a first dado, then fit the notch you just cut over the key and make a second cut. Continue cutting dadoes in this manner (below) until you reach the opposite end of the strip. Hook your thumbs around the extension to steady the strip during each pass.

Miter gauge extension

Lattice strip

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Woodworking Tools and Installation Tips

Woodworking Tools and Installation Tips

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