Beveling one edge o the staves

With the shop-built tapering jig shown at left, you can bevel the edges of the staves and taper them in a single setup. For the jig, make the base from a piece of 12-inch-wide plywood, and the guide bar and stop block from solid stock. Start by angling the blade to 22!^°, then use bar clamps to secure the stave blank to the base so the edge extends off the base by 1 % inch at the leading end and % inch at the trailing ends. Butt the guide bar and stop block against the stock, clamp them in place and fix the pieces to the base. Screw toggle clamps to the guide bar and use them to secure the blank to the jig; protect the stock with wood pads. Remove the bar clamps. Next, butt the edge of the jig base against the blade and the rip fence against the opposite edge of the base. Start feeding the jig and workpiece with both hands, as shown, but move your right hand safely away about halfway through the cut. Finish the pass with your left hand, keeping the jig flush against the fence throughout. (Caution: Blade guard removed for clarity.) Bevel one edge of every stave the same way.

Checking the saw blade bevel angle

To confirm that your table saw blade will cut a perfect 22 '/a0 angle, make test cuts at both ends of three wood ecrape. Then place a carpenter's square on a flat surface and set one of the pieces on edge with Its back face towards the corner of the square. Butt the other test pieces flush against the ends of the first one; their back faces should be flush against the arms of the square. If not, adjust the blade angle, recut the ends of the pieces, and recheck.


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Woodworking Tools and Installation Tips

Woodworking Tools and Installation Tips

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