Attaching the seatsupport cleats

To avoid having screw holes in the top of the seat, secure the slats to the legs with cleats. Trim the cleats so they fit on either side of the top stretcher. Drill the pilot holes for attaching the slats off center to make it easier to tighten the screws into the seat without knocking your hands against the legs. Apply glue to the cleats, then secure them to the legs with screws so the strips are flush with the top of the legs (right).

4 Securing the slats

Round over the top edges of the slats, then lay them out on a work surface, separated by K-inch spacers. Make sure the ends are all even, then tighten a bar clamp across each end to hold the slats in place. Center the bench base on the slats and secure it with screws (left).

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