Assembling The Body

1 Preparing the slats

Cut the slats for the body of the chair to size, then drill two holes at each end of every piece. To keep the location of the holes uniform, do the job on your drill press aided by the simple jig shown at left. Start by securing a backup panel to the machine table and drilling the first of the holes—which are all % inch from the end of the slats and % inch from the nearest edge. For the jig, leave the slat in position and clamp two boards to the table as a fence and stop block. The fence should be flush against the end of the slat and the stop block should be butted against both the fence and the edge of the slat. Drill the second hole by turning the slat over and seating it in the jig. Repeat the process at the slat's other end and at both ends of the remaining slats.

2 Installing the slats

Once all the slats are ready, set the side rails on edge on a work surface. Spread glue on the first slat and, starting at the front of the chair, set it on the cleats. The slat's front edge should be flush with the end of the cleats; its end should butt against the rails. Check with a try square to make sure the slat is perpendicular to the rails, then screw the slat in place. To install the remaining slats, use a board the same thickness as the slats as a spacer (right). Check the assembly for square every four or five slats.

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