ADAM CABINET. Late period. {From the collcction of James Orrock, Esq.)

in 1754. Hepplewhite's " Cabinet-makers and Upholsterer's Guide" did not appear until 1787; and Sheraton's equally famous and valuable designs were first given to the trade and the public in 1792. Had it not been for the publication of these books or catalogues, we might never have known the names of Chippendale, Hepplewhite, or Sheraton, though the Adam brothers would have been famous in connection with their work as architects. However, what I am chiefly concerned with now is not the finest pieces of furniture made by any of these well-known masters, but a more or less general description of mahogany furniture of the eighteenth century, in the hope that what I write may be of some help to beginners who are absolutely ignorant on the subject and distrustful of their own taste and judgment. For their benefit I write one easily learnt "tip," i.e. that genuine antique mahogany furniture is solid and immensely heavy. This is particularly noticeable in the case of club-footed tables, either of the dining or breakfast pattern, or the folding card-table pattern. Pembroke tables—i.e. oblong tables with semi-circular or else oblong flaps, which, when up, are supported by brackets hinged

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