INLAID MAHOGANY BOOKCASE AND SECRETAIRE. Sheraton {From the collection of J nines Orrock, Esq.)

furniture; and only the rich man, who is also a man of taste, is likely to be able to acquire a fine piece of Sheraton nowadays, when its value is at last appreciated.

Was Sheraton the introducer of satinwood, of kingwood, and of tulipwood ? Did he, in seeking after colour, invent what is known as " harewood," which is sycamore dyed a delicate pale shade of brown ? Was it he who, dyeing sycamore, thought also of staining some white wood the delicate green, which seems most exquisite of all as a companion to the apricot of satinwood ? Strange woods had been used in the past (there were cabinets made of lignum vitae or guaiacum, in Stuart times, see Plate 47), was it seeing one of them which urged him to seek for new kinds ? or was it accident which brought satinwood into England, and within his reach, just at that time ? Accident, at any rate, did not bring him harewood, or the green stained wood, both of which are peculiar to English furniture. Tulipwood was much used in France, to make cabinets and secretaires, but not to inlay with. However it came about, we are lucky in the possession of Sheraton's furniture. His exquisite satinwood pieces it is impossible

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How To Sell Furniture

How To Sell Furniture

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