mahogany, Sheraton, 58 ; Plate xlix

Chest of drawers, oak, with veneer of walnut on front, Stuart, 26, 27, 28 ; Plates xxiii, xxv Chest of drawers, " tallboy," walnut, seventeenth century, 33, 43 ; Plates xxiv, xxvii China cabinet, Chippendale, Plate xli

China cabinet, Pergolesi, 69; Plate Ixv

China cabinet, Pergolesi, marble top and plinth, 69; Plate lxvi Chinese period, the, of Chippendale, 39

Chippendale, 1-3, 34-41, 43-45,50, 5i, 53, 54, 59, 75, 76, 78, 79, 81, 83; Plates xxxv, xli, xlvi, lxxix, lxxx, lxxxi, lxxxii, Ixxxvii, xc Cipriani, 68 ; Plate lvi Claw-and-ball feet, 28, 39, 40, 74,

83 ; Plates lxviii, Ixxviii Club-feet, 78; Plates x, xv, xciii, xciv Club-footed table, 15, 16, 45, 46;

Plates x, xv Coles Park, Buntingford, linen-fold panelling at, 14 Commode, panels painted by Angelica Kaufmann, R.A, Pergolesi, 69; Plate lxiv Commode, bow-fronted, satinwood, late eighteenth century, 61, 67 ; Plate lvi

Commode, panels painted by Angelica Kaufmann, R.A., 69; Plate lxiii

Copeland's designs, 44 Corner cupboard, inlaid, late eighteenth century, 62; Plate lviii Corner-table, mahogany, Plate xlii Cosmetic boxes, 58, 59 Cottage chair, rail-back, beech-

wood, Plate xciv Cradles, oak, 21

Cross-cutting, 26, 27; Plates xxiv, xxv, xxix Curved backs, 77 Curved foot-rail, Plate xciii

Designs, first comprehensive book of, by Chippendale, 44 Development from carved oak to mahogany, 23 Dining-room, Old Place, Sussex,

Stuart, Plate xxxii Dining-tables, oak, Tudor, 8; Plates ii, iii

Distinctive marks on old furniture,

12 ; imitated by dealers, 13 Dog-tooth carving, Plate xi Domestic interiors, Plates xxi, xxxii, xlvi Double runners, 18, 19 Dower-chest, oak, with drawers,

Yorkshire, 14 ; Plate vi Dower-chest, the forerunner of wardrobes, chests of drawers, and cabinets, 9 Dresser, oak, with mouldings as decoration, Jacobean, Plate xx Dressing-table fitments, the, of

Sheraton, 58 Dressing-table, mahogany, inlaid with satinwood bands, eighteenth century, Plate 1 Dumb-waiter, mahogany, 50; Plate xliii

Durability of early oak tables, 9,12

Easy - chairs, mahogany - carved, early Chippendale, 78 ; Plate lxxix

Easy-chair, stuffed, with wing sides,

Queen Anne, 76 ; Plate lxxii Ebony, 67, 68; Plates, xxxiii, lxi Edward VI. period, 17 Eighteenth century, early, period,

Plates x, 1, lix, lx Eighteenth centuiy, late, period, Plates xlvi, li, liv, lvi, lvii, lviii, lxi

Elam, Mrs. A. W., 21 ; room at Lenham Court, Kent, Plate xvi. Elizabeth, Queen, period, 8, 17; Plate xv

Embroidery in the King's room, Oxburgh Hall, Norfolk, Plate xxi.

Factory system, the, opposed to craftsmanship, 41. Fenn, Frederick, specimens in the possession of; Plates x, xv, xxiii, xxvii, xxviii, xxix, xxxi, xxxvi, xxxviii, xlii, xliii, xlvii, xlix, liii, lvi, lvii, lix, lx, lxi, lxviii, lxxii, lxxix, lxxx, lxxxviii Folding library steps, 57 Four-post mahogany bedsteads, 51 Fraud, the cheapness of commoner pieces, a safeguard against, 20 French polish not on Stuart furniture, 29

Fret-work carving, 39, 40, 50, 79 ; Plates xxxiv, xxxv

Gate-leg tables, oak, Stuart period, 15 ; Plate vii, ix Georgian, early, period, Plate lxxxviii Gibbon, Dr., 35 Gibbons, Grinling, 37, 40 Glazed doors for cupboards, 63 Goodwood House, Sussex, early specimens at, Plates xviii, xlvi Grandfather - chair, Queen Anne period, 76; Plate lxxii Grandfather clock, oak, long-case,

Plate xxii Greek - inspired moulding and decoration, 43, 44 Green, the, of the Sheraton period, 55

Greg, R. P., Esq., panelling in dower-house at Coles Park, 14 Grew, E. S., Esq., oak dresser in the possession of, Plate xx

Halucirclb rails, Plate lxxiv Half-circle stretcher, 74; Plate lxviii Hamlet chair, 73 Hampton Court Palace, 13, 33 Handles, old, to be preserved, 16,17

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