Carving tables, mahogany, 50 Chairs and sofas, 71 Chair, beechwood, rail-back, probably Stuart period, Plate xciv Chair, carved, James I., 74 ; Plate Ixvii

Chair, carved-wood, cane panel,

Stuart, 74 ; lxviii Chair, carved-wood, with single cane panel, Stuart, Plate lxxvi Chair, carved, with cane seat and back, probably Stuart, lxxxvi Chairs, Hepplewhite, 81 ; Plates lxxxiii, lxxxiv Chair, mahogany, honeysuckle-

pattern back, Plate Ixxxvii Chair, mahogany, probably by

Mainwaring, 81 ; Plate lxxxix Chair by Pergolisi, 82 ; Plate Ixxxv Chair, ribbon-back, Chippendale,

81 ; lxxxii Chair, stained-wood, carved, Stuart,

Plate lxxv Chair, walnut, Plate lxxvii Chair, walnut-framed, Plate Ixxiv Chair, walnut, carved shell on back and legs, early Georgian, Plate lxxxviii Chair, walnut, with turned rail, Queen Anne, 77, 78 ; Plate Ixxiii Chair-backs, 75

Chaise longue, carved walnut,

Stuart, 76 ; Plate lxx Chancel stall style of chair in the possession of Mr. Seymour Lucas, 71 Charles I. period, 15, 74, 75 Charles II. period, 27, 28, 75 Chest, oak, with linen-fold carving and old lock. Early, 14 ; Plate iv

Chest, oak, with linen-fold carving, Henry VII. or VIII., io, n, 14; Plate v

Chest of drawers, lignum vitae, on stand, Stuart, 55 ; Plate xlvii Chest of drawers, mahogany, bow-

fronted, 42 ; Plate xxxviii Chest of drawers, light-coloured

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