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Furniture Craft Plans

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the country are filled with unique examples of everything that is beautiful in furniture, which, if used as models, would soon teach taste to the artisan, who often has a great deal of that quality born in him, and only needs an outlet for it.

Another illustration (Plate 38) shows a very excellent bow-fronted chest of drawers. It is exceptionally beautiful although so plain, and the handles in particular should be observed. These are French in feeling, though not in workmanship, and the legs, which add so much to the character of the whole, show a striking variation from the straightness usual to the legs of chests of drawers.

Fine bow-fronted chests, such as this one, are rare, and should not be neglected by the collector. Serpentine chests of this period are more common, though not less esteemed, or less worthy of esteem. Their workmanship is irreproachable, and the design pleasing, though never so fine in the mahogany as in the older walnut-wood specimens, from which the idea of the serpentine front was probably taken.

Other large pieces of plain mahogany furniture were the tall chests of drawers on 42

PLAIN MAHOGANY WARDROBE, with panelled doors. Hepplewhite. {In the possession of Mrs. Wyllie) The carved rose or rosette decoration is one of the distinguishing marks of Hepplewhite.

the same plan as the walnut one illustrated (Plate 27), but with the Greek-inspired moulding at the top, similar to that shown on the wardrobe in Plate

This wardrobe, though a very plain one, is interesting because it has the roses or rosettes which are one of the distinguishing marks of Hepplewhite's work, at the four corners of the panels. It is a very perfectly proportioned piece, of admirable workmanship, so restrained and refined in detail as to suggest that it did not come into existence until after the work of the Adam brothers had begun to influence furniture makers towards the ultimate suppression of the floridness of detail belonging to the true Chippendale period.

The name of Hepplewhite, as a cabinetmaker, is best known after Chippendale's for mahogany furniture distinct from inlaid mahogany; and, of course, the designs of the Adam brothers, whose taste had a wide and far-reaching effect, are well known. The latter, however, were not cabinet-makers or craftsmen, but architects who designed furniture suited to the style of decoration they were using in the houses they were then building in various parts of London. Their

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How To Sell Furniture

How To Sell Furniture

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