Preliminary Work

All of what's been said above is just so much theory. When it gets down to actually building a chair, things can change. In fact, during the process of building this chair we goofed.

The chair that's shown here has the seat angled down at 4° and the back rest angled at 6°. This yields a net angle of 92° between the seat and back. This means you have to sit well back in the chair, and sit up straight. I find this a little uncomfortable.

However, we decided to perform a 'test sit' to get some other opinions. The results: Two people like it (Connie and Linda). One liked it with reservations (Ted. because he


Front Legs (2) Back Legs(2) Side Rails (2) Front/Back Rails (2) -Side Stretchers (2) * Cross Stretcher (1) — Chair Back (8) v Plywood Seat Upholstry Fabric r/,.x 2»/«

TA 4

■ 32Va r/..xi'/i-i9 3/4X2'/«- 19 l'/uxl */,»-! 4% 3/4x2'/«-20 r/.»xi3/4-2o vjx 157/.-18 22x25

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