Cutting And Rabbeting Small Pieces

Cutting small pieces on a radial arm saw requires a slightly different approach than was used on the table saw (previous page).

Although a stop block (or end block) can be used on a table saw for setting the length for cutting off small pieces, this is not a good practice on a radial arm saw. As shown in Fig. 1, we use only a pencil line on the fence to gauge the length of the cut-off.

If a stop block were clamped to the fence, the small piece could easily be caught by the blade, especially when the blade carriage is moved back after the cut.

However, even if the block is not present, the cut-off piece could still be caught and thrown across the room. One extra precaution we take is to use a hollow-ground planer blade for these small cut-offs. The teeth of this blade are not 'set' so they don't project out from the blade and there's less chance of the blade catching the cut-off piece.

When cutting rabbets on the end of small pieces, it's necessary to provide a method of holding the workpiece in place while the cut is made.

We use the holding fixture shown in Fig. 2. A small notch is cut out of one corner of a piece of scrap that matches the size of the workpiece. The workpiece is placed in the fixture and pushed against a stop block. This procedure keeps your fingers well away from the blade, yet allows complete control during the cut.

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