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All dimensions shown in the Materials List are based on using V* plywood for the drawer bottoms and sides, and the shelves. The Cutting Diagram shows the layout for building the basic unit with 18 small drawers and 6 double-wide drawers. It doesn't include the option of adding the longer sides for the tool bar as shown in the photo.

Note: The box shown in the foreground of the photo is a fancier version made of V-i maple for the box. Vh" birch plywood for the shelves. V* Masonite for the drawer bottoms and sides, and red gum for the drawer fronts and backs. Though this unit is a little nicer, it obviously doesn't make good use of readily available materials. (I just wanted to build a fancy one.)

Construction of this storage unit is really quite simple. I started by building the basic 'surround.' A simple rabbet joint is used to join the four comers.

First. W deep by V* wide rabbets are










C Plywood Back ft x 8 Yu -14 SMALL DRAWER D Front & Back

E Sides


  • ax 1 -4'/a H Sides
  • x 1 - 4'/a I Bottom

cut at the ends of the two side pieces. Then four Va" x Va" dadoes are cut for the shelves. Make sure there is exactly \V\s between these dadoes. Then cut a V*" by V* rabbet on the back edge of all four pieces for the plywood back.

Now for the drawers. I started by ripping l"-wide strips from a piece of 1 x4 pine.

48" long. After these strips are cut to the 1" width, I reset the fence to rip (resaw) them to a V-z" thickness. Then, although it's not necessary, it's best to round over one edge of each strip. This rounded over edge will be at the top of the drawer and makes it a little easier to slide the drawer back into the box.

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