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1 can't say that building this storage box is easy. Cutting all those little pieces is not too bad. But assembling those little pieces into a lot of little drawers tends to get a bit tedious.

We've had a lot of requests for a made-of-wood storage box like this. The metal and plastic storage units you see everywhere are nice, but they're still plastic. And it seems most woodworkers disdain things made of plastic.

We tried to design this box to make efficient use of materials, and at the same time come up with a modular design so the box could be built to suit a variety of needs.

WTiile we're on the subject of design, permit me a few comments. 1) As you can see from the Cutting Diagram this storage box makes very efficient use of readily available materials. This is nice the first time around, as well as in the future as more boxes are built.

  1. There are two sizes of drawers. The small one is quite adequate for brads, small screws, etc. The larger drawers will hold, for example, 100 1 Vi>" screws, or two dozen bolts or lag screws, etc.
  2. Since the large drawers are exactly double the width of the smaller ones, this box can be built with all small drawers, all large ones or any combination with only minor changes in the Cutting Diagram and no need for extra materials.
  3. The drawers are designed so the bottom also serves as a handle as well as providing space for a label to identify the contents of the drawer.

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