Contemporary Chair With Flashy Joints

There's no way that building a chair can be considered easy. Sturdy construction and proper joinery are certainly required. Beyond that, a chair must be designed to comfortably accept the human anatomy.

The chair shown here was designed as a companion to the table shown earlier in this issue. We tried to design a chair that was sturdy and sturdy looking, comfortable for dining, and most important, a chair that was made of icood.

Before getting into the actual construction of this chair. I think it's appropriate to mention that the dimensions of this chair can (and probably should be) altered.

For dining chairs two criteria are important. The first consideration is the height of the seat from the floor. This distance is usually somewhere around 16" to 17". but can be altered for a 'tailored' fit. In fact, this measurement can be taken directly from the person who's going to be doing the sitting. To do this, bend your knee slightly and feel the crease on the back of the knee. Measure from the floor to this crease. This then is the height of the chair's seat from the floor (not including any foam or padding on the seat).

The second consideration is the relationship between the seat and the chair back. The seat of the chair usually slopes down toward the back of the chair anywhere in the range of 0° to about 5°. The back is also angled, usually somewhere between 5° and 20°.

Since both the seat and the back are angled, the relationship between these two (the net angle) determines the comfort of the chair. This angle (for a dining chair) should be between 95° and 100°. The smaller angle (95°) will feel comfortable if you sit up straight. The larger angle (100°) will feel comfortable if you tend to slouch a little. It's really sort of a personal decision.

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