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Furniture Craft Plans

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Tony McMullen is one the last breed of makers who were apprenticed to the furniture trade, and trained in the art and craft of furniture making. He is steeped in the ethos of the Arts and Crafts movement and true to that tradition, he passes on his knowledge to the next generation at the University of Central England for a few hours each week, spending the rest of his time in his workshop. Tony is now experimenting with designs and techniques that will enable him to make furniture from materials not usually associated with fine' furniture.

Home entertainment cabinet The central doors of the low cabinet pivot and slide back into the carcass for video and speaker access. Beech with sandblasted glass panels.

Aluminium Zig Zag

'Zig Zag' cabinet Sycamore with parquetry doors of rosewood and lacewood, rests on a stand of marble and aluminium.

Wall Unit

Oak and maple, with serpentine drawer fronts and laminated shelves.

1800 x 3600 x 550mm / 71 x 142x22 in.


2mm birch ply, sprung and glued into shape with glass top.

750 x 910mm diameter / 30 x 36 in.


MDF, handpainted in acrylics with textured brush marks. These shelves have an oblique plan.

Tony Mcmullen Furniture Couch


Upholstered in leather on wood laminate frame with foam infill.

2000 x 1320mm/ 79x52 in.

Low table

Cantllevered top and legs in stained and painted wood, with glass top.

Gareth Neal

Gareth Neal

Gareth Neal describes himself as a functional artist, and his furniture as useful sculptures. His designs are based on natural organic forms where construction is secondary to form. This requires him to use creative alternatives to traditional methods in resolving technical problems.

7 hope that my designs will Inspire the viewer and invite them into my imagination."

Gareth Neal

'Tendril' pedestal

Sycamore, walnut, silver and steel. 920 x 330mm / 36 x 13 in.

'Capillary' side table (facing page) English oak.

Gareth Neal Capillary Side Table


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'Thoracic' occasional chair

Plywood with nylon detail.

Skeleton of drawers

Walnut, glass and aluminium.

Modern Jacobean Leg Chair

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