Stemmer Sharp

"To understand the unusual and make it into harmony is what I would like to achieve. In this world there are not enough things which are unusual but harmonious."

Andrea Stemmer

Andrea Stemmer was trained at Dusseldorf in Germany and at Parnham College. Her partnership with Fiona Sharp ended when Fiona died in 1995. Her work, mainly in solid timber from sustainable sources, displays clean sharp lines and is strictly functional.

Round table

Maple. 1 750mm diameter / 69 in.

Round table (detail)

Tea table


'Jekyll' garden table and curved bench

Garden lounger Oak and stainless steel.

Round table (detail)


"One does change the world - that Is exactly what creative art is about - exactly why one is an artist -absolutely! absolutely!"

David Colwell

David Colwell is the designer at Trannon. It is his passionate belief that in an ideal world, wealth would be more equally distributed, resources would not be squandered and the environment would not be polluted. Well-managed forests would be planted and harvested to make fine furniture for ordinary people. To this end, Trannon makes batch production furniture from fast grown ash, making minimum impact on the environment and manufactured with a painstaking concern for pollution, energy conservation, fitness for purpose and retail price.

Modern Rattan Recliner

Recliner with footstool

Steam bent ash frame and rattan.

Stacking chair

Steam bent ash.

Steam Bent Wooden Curved Arms Chair

Captain's chair


Writing desk


Maple Colonial Captains Chair

Extending table Ash. Seats up to ten people. The leaf is stored under the table. 1000 x 1600 to 2100mm / 39 x 83 to 63 in,

Director Chair David Colwell
Director's chair Steam bent ash.

Extending table Ash. Seats up to ten people. The leaf is stored under the table. 1000 x 1600 to 2100mm / 39 x 83 to 63 in,

Cardiff sideboard


Link bench

Oak and ash.

Cardiff Bench

Oak and ash.

Round table

Ash. Seats up to ten people.

1520mm diameter / 60 in.

High stool

Ash and stainless steel.

Settee With Steam Bent Ash Frame

Settee with steam bent ash trame

The arms can be adjusted to three different positions. 900 x 1750 x 900mm / 35 x 69 x 35 in.

To meet this gentleman away from his workshop would give you no indication of the imaginative IliflK J ■ ^ Wdj^^ft nature of his mind, but meet him in his design Bl®: studio with photographs of his work on the walls and you begin to understand that commissioning from Andrew Varah could be fun, Like the currency broker who asked for his dining room mmm^ furniture to reflect his profession. The client was presented with the drawings for the vCard' table and chairs, perfectly encapsulating the element of chance in his occupation. The fun does not stop there, all significant pieces of furniture have a secret compartment containing an item of jewellery. Clients are given a year to solve the mystery, otherwise, rumour has it, Mr. Varah will reveal all and remove the prize.

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