Philip Koomen

"...for creating is an expression of the human spirit in action."

Philip Koomen

Philip Koomen established his workshop in 1975 and employs a team of five craftsmen, including an apprentice. His work evolves from themes which may be based on traditional furniture or sculptural forms, but it is always designed to be appropriate to the client's lifestyle and practical needs. Although his furniture covers a wide price range, he aims to produce classic pieces that will become heirlooms for future generations. Above all, his work reflects his own deeply held spiritual beliefs and is made with passion and faith in the future.

Twelve drawer chest

English walnut with boxwood inlay. 960 x 1170 x 580mm 38 x 46 x 23 in.

Detail of sideboard Bubinga and ebony.

Dining chairs

English brown oak with boxwood inlay. 910 X 450 x 450mm / 36 x 18 x 18 in.

Writing desk Cherry, rosewood inlay and stainless steel.

Hi-fi cabinet

Cherry, bird's eye maple with ebony inlay. 840 x 960 x 480mm 33 x 38 x 19 in.

Needlework cabinet

American black walnut with boxwood inlay.

(Left) Dining table and side table

Dining table has an integral lazy Susan, shown in detail. English walnut, burr walnut with ebony inlay. Dining table: 1930mm diameter / 76 in.

(Left) Bathroom interior

Bird's eye maple, ebonised walnut and black granite.

'Pond Life' bench

Cedar of Lebanon.

Philip Koomen Pond Life

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