Lucinda Leech

Lucinda takes a serious environmental interest in the source of her raw materials and to this end has devoted much of her time to travelling extensively to research methods of managing, harvesting and the replanting of forests. This has given her the confidence to use exotic timbers in her work, when she is able to verify the source, and a variety of lesser known timbers to choose from. A young family has slowed Lucinda down a little over the past couple of years, but she is using the time away from the computer and bench to take stock, look at where she is going and to proceed renewed with a fresh approach.

Lucinda LeechLucinda Leech FurnitureModern Church Furniture

Church furniture

For First Church of Christ, Scientist, Oxford. English ash.

(Left) Conservatory table

Tiger oak.

Modern Church Furniture

Office furniture

Bubinga with black lacquered details.


2000 x 1000 x 500mm 79x39x20 in.

Display cabinet


Detail of table under-frame Bubinga, glass and marble with ebonised detailing, showing the relationship between the curves, emphasised by the use of opposing colours in structural components and inlays.

Dining chairs

(from the left) American maple and walnut; English oak; bubinga, ebony and leather; American cherry and wenge; English elm and sycamore.

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How To Sell Furniture

How To Sell Furniture

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