John Makepeace

John Makepeace is one of the few British furniture designers to achieve international recognition in his own lifetime, and one of the few in the world whose work commands prices comparable to fine art. Alone, he has done more to promote public awareness of the British furniture designer-maker industry than any other person or institution. His designs challenge the accepted boundaries and his workshops are continually experimenting to provide the innovative techniques required by these designs. To attend Parnham College, founded by John Makepeace in 1977, has been the goal of two generations of aspiring makers world-wide and his revolutionary experiment in the use of sustainable resources at Hooke Park is planned as a model for forestry and manufacturing in the new millennium.


Detail of the side of a chest of drawers in cherry.

John Makepeace Furniture

'Throne' Carved lime and burnished lacquer.

'Throne' Carved lime and burnished lacquer.

  • Vine' Carved and coloured lime.
  • Agnes' Pivoted gallery seat. Burr elm, coloured lime and cherry wood.
  • Millennium' Laminated holly.
  • Swaledale' Carved stool in lime and white gold leaf.
John Makepeace Parnham College

Burr elm, leather and cast bronze. 1100 x 1160 x 680mm / 43 x 46 x 27 in.

John Makepeace Chairs Boardroom Table

'Lunar' conference table and chairs

English cherry, burr elm, bog oak and leather.

Burr Elm Chairs

'Time' dining table and chairs

Burr and plain 'weathered' oak. Table: 720 x 3000 x 1500mm / 29 x 118 x 59 in.

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