Andrew Lawton

"Since I have been making furniture there has been a tremendous upsurge both in the number of good workshops and in the number of people who are interested in commissioning work. I think this is going to continue, especially as mass-produced furniture offers less and less individuality. Even more nowadayspeople are becoming increasingly receptive to good design and are genuinely interested in pushing things forward."

Andrew Lawton

Hanging corner cupboard

Made of solid wych elm with bandsawn veneers. 810 x 460mm / 32 x 18 in.

Chest of drawers

Solid figured English walnut, maple, sweet chestnut and cedar of Lebanon.

'Chevron' writing table and chair Derbyshire wych elm. 1370 x560mm/54x22 in.

Library table Commissioned for the Richard Attenborough Centre for Disability and the Arts at the University of Leicester. American maple. 3500 x 1220mm 138 X 48 in.

Dining table Seats ten. Maple, bandsawn veneers of bird's eye maple and American black walnut.

2000mm diameter / 78 in.

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How To Sell Furniture

How To Sell Furniture

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