Delivery And Assembly

Arrangements were made for the desks to be delivered as components, as a part load on a furniture van from my usual haulier. I went up to lovely Teesdale to assemble them on site.

I hate working away from my workshop and always leave something behind, but on this occasion all went welLthough it took a good bit longer than I thought it would.The desks were positioned, assembled, minor adjustments made where necessary, and wiped over with a very thin coat of teak oil to show them off.

All the components were made so that they could be assembled on site

False drawer front #



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"It was challenging, very satisfying, and enjoyable - in a different way to the normal run of things"

light coat of oil every 24 hours for a week, cutting back between coats with a Scotchbrite grey pad. Then allow ten days for final hardening. Just before delivery, apply a thin coat of teak oil. I supply the client with a bottle of this same oil and a Scotchbrite grey pad for their future use.

Incidentally, I have produced a leaflet on the care and use of solid wood furniture which I give to all my clients now. General knowledge, in these days of central heating and stable MDF and veneers, cannot be relied on - believe me!


This was a major task at the wrong time, but I was glad that I took it on. It was challenging, very satisfying, and enjoyable in a different way to the normal run of things. The end result pleased the client and his staff, and the desks, being in public view, have received much favourable comment - never a bad thing! 9>


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"I liked the overall concept and kept a mental note - and when a client approached me to build a display dresser for a dining room, it was a good starting point"

Traditional design that looks at home in a contemporary context

How to make an oak dresser

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