Notes and Measurements Introduction


vi 1

Moving experience 3

How to get a step nearer to furniture-maker's heaven with a new workshop

Coping with stress 7

Assessing and dealing with movement in wood, starting with drying

Turning up the heat 11

How to allow for movement when making furniture


Three in one

How to make a nest of tables

Keeping up with the times

Making a Shaker-style tall clock

Two of a kind

In a two-part project you can make four partners' desks

Angles and tapers 21

How to make a Shaker-style chest of drawers with tapered sides

Vision on! 32

How to make a stunning TV cabinet in elm and burr elm

On the case 37

How to make bookcases in brown oak and sycamore

Seven 44

How to make an Arts and Crafts-style seven-drawer chest

Home run 56

The second of the two-part project to make four partners' desks

On display

How to make an oak dresser

Coffee table blend 67

Rosewood reflects Mackintosh in this table which makes prudent use of salvaged elm and cut-offs

Making contrasts 71

How to make a fumed oak and sycamore side table

You rang? 75

How to make a butler's tray drinks cabinet

Speculating in sycamore 82

A Shaker-influenced lady's writing desk is made from a timber which used to be more at home in the kitchen

Shaker leg 87

The perfect companion to a lady's writing desk, this Shaker-influenced chair was made to complete the set

Window dressing 90

How to make an elm and burr elm coffer chest

French foresight is given thanks for providing the timber for this fumed oak table

Present and correct

How to make a military-style chest

Corner storage 105

How to go about making a corner cupboard

Apothecary's chest 111

It's a calculated risk working with burr elm

Metric and imperial conversion charts 115

Acknowledgements About the author Index


Every effort has been made to ensure that the information in this book is accurate at the time of writing but inevitably prices, specifications, and availability of tools will change from time to time. Readers are therefore urged to contact manufacturers or suppliers for up-to-date information before ordering tools.

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