Turning the raw material which I supply into the superbly presented articles in F&C magazine is achieved by the hard work, charm, courage, humility, unarmed combat skills and psychological warfare proficiency, of all the staff at GMC. They are all a pleasure to deal with, from Jill who womans the phones - delightfully, to Paul who emperors the universe - masterfully.

I'd like to thank them all individually - Alan Phillips for the money, Paul Richardson for getting me started and guiding me along the way, Colin Eden-Eadon, Andrea Hargreaves and Liz McClair for judicious editing, Simon Rodway and Ian Hall for their brilliant illustrations, and Jill for.her pleasant greetings.

For turning the articles into a book many thanks to Stephanie Horner for her help, encouragement and professional judgement at a difficult time, Kylie Johnston for her advice and editing skills, and Chris Skarbon for his sound advice not to take up modelling, and the superb results after a long, cold day's photography.

Most of all thanks to my wife Yvonne for her help and encouragement, for bringing a new aspect to my furniture designs in particular and to life in general, lending me her hands and other assistance with the photographs, and for just putting up with me.

Wardrobe selection by Chris Skarbon.

Hairstyle by Mandy, manicure by Anita of 'Soap Opera'.

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How To Sell Furniture

How To Sell Furniture

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