Photography By Tim Roberts

  • John Royall
  • n^cv '.. - _ makes a desk to go with his musician's fjl chair m n

LEFT: A musical table to compliment a musical chair different pieces can co-exist well enough together, but to produce two pieces that visually belong to each other is a challenge - and very rewarding when they are successful. The client who commissioned my Musician's Chair, see previous article, asked me if I could design and make her a small desk to go with it, and I readily agreed.

As with the chair, design sketches and scale models soon started to accumulate. Some helped to fill up the waste paper basket, while others became possibilities and found their way onto the shelf in the workshop.

What I was aiming for was a simple, uncomplicated desk, light enough to be moved around a room with ease, yet providing a substantial writing surface and storage facility for A3 and A4 musical notation sheets.

I HAVE ALWAYS found it satisfying to see two pieces of furniture that come together and complement each other. Many below: The original chair and table together

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