Maquettes And Rods

Every maker will have his or her own way of working. Some will work from the drawing board and have every last detail worked out, others will make maquettes and develop a piece as they go along.

Maquettes are especially useful when making something complicated like a chair for the first time. It can turn a two-dimensional drawing into a real life piece of furniture and

show up problems - and solutions -that are not at all obvious on a drawing.

As they help potential clients to visualise their pieces, they are useful as marketing tools.

Another way of helping to work out the constructional details of a piece is to use a rod. 1 was taught to make a rod on a piece of board, a traditional method by which all

dimensions are marked out against a straight edge of the board. All the joints are also marked with details of rebates etc.This rod is then used as a template, obviating, in theory at least, the need for a tape measure.

Using a rod helps me to work through the piece as 1 draw it out -like making it in two-dimensional form. It comes into its own when making more than one of something.

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