enough - and as a bonus find fitting-up much easier at this working height.

As I said in part one of this project, I have wanted to make this piece for years, and I was pleased with the result. Not a groundbreaking piece of furniture design, but a useful development of a classic form and one which will find favour with many people.

That'll do me.

BELOW: Top moulding is cove and bead to match base moulding

After fitting the brass butt hinges to the doors, it is logical to fit the other hardware. Always fit up before the piece is polished, ignoring the temptation to leave it till later.

I've never seen a door handle that looks right on this kind of furniture.The plate handles fitted to the drawers have a matching drop handle, but they look too fiddly altogether. Effective catches for a meeting pair of doors are thin on the ground, too, but luckily both problems can be solved at a stroke by using a till lock and flush bolts.This allows for a modest wire escutcheon to be fitted, and the key, left in the lock, functions as an effective handle.

The flush bolts used here are, although nicely made themselves, supplied with a nasty bit of bent sheet brass intended as a door stop and catching plate for the bolts.Their real destiny is to be ballast for the workshop bin liner.

Fit the bolts so that they can catch in slots cut into the carcass, see photo. Stopping the doors can be done in one of a number of ways: before assembly a rebate can be cut in the top rail and solid horizontal member, a strip can be applied top and bottom, or a small stop, like those used for drawers, can be fitted. I chose the latter.


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How To Sell Furniture

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