Hambridge Rectangles

The Hambridge Rectangle proportioning system is based upon the Golden Section - the ratio 1.6180339 - developed by the Ancient Greeks, as adapted for modern usage by American mathematician Jay Hambridge.

The method requires a square, drawn to scale of the width of the proposed project. Extend the verticals of this square and, taking a compass and using the bottom right corner of the square as the datum, scribe an arc across the top left corner of the square to bisect the extended vertical.

From this intersection extend a horizontal line to form a rectangle; this is the first graduation, the square acting only as a guide. Continuing to extend arcs upwards creates a graduated scale which can be measured off and transferred to the project; due to the visual Indication given, this works better, I feel, than a numbers-only method.

It also allows a height to be determined dependent upon the width chosen, though in my case the height was selected by circumstances and the gradings adapted slightly to fit.

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