Easier Drawer Running

Everybody has his own preferred method of making drawers, but I would like to mention a couple of things that I do in certain circumstances to ease the process.

When making the drawer fronts, and if I have good access from the back, I mark in pencil the exact size and shape of the aperture onto the back of the oversized drawer front, then use a straight-edge-guided router to trim to the pencil line; this ensures a good fit even if the aperture is not absolutely square.To reduce breakout trim the end-grain first, then the long-grain.

To make sure that the drawers run easily I sometimes guide the drawer sides by pinning and gluing battens to the carcass; these are easily fitted from the back.

With the drawer fully in its aperture, they are attached to run against the inner drawer sides just below the drawer bottom and provide support for a potentially overloaded drawer; they also act as drawer stops.

Glued and pinned battens provide guides for drawers

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